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April, 15, 2021 5:00 PM Our Auction was completed on 4/6/21 and was very successful. However, there is a situation of abandoned lots from a specific company who works within our industry. The who, why, what and how will be described in great detail to whoever is interested in learning it—all you need to do is ask. But as a result, we have 143 lots that were abandoned and 4 additional lots that did not sell.

Our intentions with the attached PDF and this letter are to educate everyone on these remaining lots. Listed in the PDF is a sample of the remaining lots available. You will see the fabric lines and colors as well. There are many beautiful linens left for pennies on the dollar. We urge you to visit the website so you don’t miss out! How this will work: The first, highest bidder on any of the listings will win the lot being bid on. You will notice that there is a baseline suggested bid amount. However, please know that if you choose to submit a bid less than this suggestion; it will still be reviewed.

This email will reach all of our existing customers collectively on the same day, at the same time. All bids need to be submitted by Saturday April 17th at 7:00pm. ALL BIDS ARE TO BE EMAILED! Emails can be submitted by reply or sent to On April 18th, we will notify all the winners by email. We suggest that if something really interests you to bid the best you can afford. All bidding is to be done in increments of $5.00 with at least a base bid of $25.00. All sales are final & winning bids must pay with cash only and be able to pick up your merchandise. There will be no shipping. All Yellow Tag auction winners, please contact Yellow Tag Auctions to make arrangements for payment and pick up scheduling.

We truly hope you are able to secure these amazing linens for events that you have scheduled in 2021. This will undoubtedly be saving you and your clients money. Right now with the current climate of our country and after surviving a devastating 2020, stretching money further is something we are all striving towards. We have always been proud to service you and your many clients. We hope these unbeatably low auction prices help make your inventory more diverse and profitable. We wish every customer who has ever allowed us the opportunity and honor of servicing your linen rental needs the best year ever in 2021 and 2022— may you recover with the greatest strength! With our deepest appreciation we wish you the best!

Sincerely, The Stevens Family of TableTop Fashions, Inc